What drives us

Everyone is a unique individual whose destiny is to prove themselves in the world based on their rights and freedom of choice. One of the manifestations of a person's unique nature is their personal data, on the basis of which they interact with society.

Unfortunately, nowadays many of us have lost control over our data. This led to partial loss of our integrity and rights. Our main mission is to create a platform where people of all ages and nationalities can attain security and control over their personal data.

We believe that the outcome of our work will be an environment in which people are able to regain their integrity and, by taking control over their data, step towards the manifestation of their uniqueness.

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The MIDHUB platform offers a more advanced way of personal data management and protection for individuals and organizations with whom they interact.

Rapid technological advances allow increasing complexity of smartphones, decentralized storage, cryptography, blockchain and smart contract technology. Users and those who process this data benefit from creation of a more secure and efficient way to manage personal information.

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For web-services

For web services, MIDHUB is an opportunity to offer your customers a new way of one-click registration and identity verification as well as dramatically improve your business efficiency and the security level of personal data processing in accordance with GDPR requirements.

What MIDHUB is offering you?
  • A fast sign-up procedure, simple registration form configuration and user verification on your web page.
  • One-click registration and identity verification.
  • User-friendly dashboard for processing and storage of customers’ personal data.
  • High level of GDPR compliance with no infrastructure investments.
  • An efficiency boost for your marketing client attraction strategy.
  • Multiplying your conversion rate.
  • Spam-free.
  • Lowering transaction costs for customer support services and increasing users’ loyalty.
  • A new highly efficient channel of communication with clients.
What MIDHUB offers your customers?
  • A single and secure password for authorization on any service.
  • Registration and a high level of verification on your web resource in one click.
  • Easy control and management of customers’ data.
  • A convenient «help desk» channel and newsfeed.
For individuals

The MIDHUB platform allows individuals to interact safely and effectively with the world around them while maintaining control over their data.

What MIDHUB offers for an individual user?
  • Management of personal identification documents through your mobile phone and, if lost, instant access to them through the internet anywhere across the globe.
  • Registration and proof of identity on web resources in a single click.
  • Complete control and management of data which was transferred to web resources and other organizations at the time of registration or identity verification.
  • A single password to access the entire Internet space.
  • A convenient «help desk» channel and organisations’ newsfeed you have provided data to.
  • Secure decentralised storage of your data which is accessible only by you. No one besides you has access to it!
For validators

For the validator, the MIDHUB platform is an opportunity to move from a business model with a one-time payment for document verification to a business model where each verification increases the amount of constant income. This income is guaranteed by a smart contract.

What MIDHUB offers a validator?
  • Creating a validator company account within a few minutes with the ability to appoint founders and employees who manage financial and administrative issues.
  • Connecting employees and assigning them different access levels in a single workspace.
  • The functionality of processing user verification requests for different types of documents.
  • A built-in employee reward system that motivates employees to perform high quality data processing.
  • The functionality of monitoring all statistics on processed documents and the amount of acquired revenue for the work completed.