The MIDHUB platform is a new way of personal data management and protection. Creating a higher level of security in the domain of personal data management became possible due to technological advances. These included growing complexity of smartphones, decentralized storage, cryptography, the emergence of block technology and smart contracts.


The platform is based on decentralization, and the entire logic of the interaction between participants is without third-party intervention. Execution is guaranteed by a smart contract. Due to the above-mentioned technologies, we successfully optimized and significantly shortened business processes for all types of organizations and platform participants while significantly enhancing their efficiency and security.

With the help of MIDHUB a user can get access to a personal database for an unlimited number of web resources and organizations without the need to remember what data and data processing permissions has been provided. In addition to controlling access to the data which was provided, users may monitor who is processing their data and under what conditions. A single password in the entire Internet space based on biometric data allows users to register or confirm their identity at an organization or a web resource within a few seconds. They need only to temporarily disclose a chosen part of their personal data. Transaction privacy together with a reasonable degree of transparency allows users to maintain control over the integrity of their identity and defend their rights in a timely manner.

For users who do not even possess a legal identity card, the platform can become a kind of "digital passport". The platform's technological solutions create the necessary level of trust for web resources, ensuring that each customer is a unique person. This provides an opportunity to individuals who do not possess a legal identity card to get access to the services that have been traditionally unavailable to them.

With a high level of data security and control as key priorities, we are providing users with the opportunity for safe interaction with public, commercial, financial, educational and other institutions.