Our mission

MIDHUB is a platform for the conscious individuals who choose safe and effective interaction with the surrounding world while maintaining control over personal data, and for people-oriented organizations.

Key conditions

One of the key conditions for society’s healthy development is property and individual identification. In absence of that kind of identification we could hardly create nations and global markets.

What is more important for each of us is identification of ourselves as human beings. This is the main development vector for nations and markets of the future. A foundational part of an individual’s self-identification is their personal data. Losing control over this data means not just losing confidentiality and the right to choose, but a part of oneself.

If we pursue developing a society, the center of which is a human being, our task is to found conditions that contribute to preservation of all of our integrity. Only by building a new infrastructure which guarantees individuals control over their personal data can we emerge as a healthy society.

Information & rights

The majority of organizations strive to collect as much information about their users as possible to use it to their own advantage.

Unfortunately, these interests don’t always align with those of the users. Facebook, YouTube and other organizations access large amounts of user data. Individuals can’t control where their data is going. Frankly, data collected by companies is often used for commercial purposes without users’ consent, which violates their rights. Each of us trusts our personal data to organizations which we interact with every day.

That is how an independent repository with users’ data is created. The owners have their own goals, commercial interests and an understanding of data storage security, which may not be in their best interests.

As a result of this data exchange, every day we are increasing the amount of data storage we have no control of, making ourselves more vulnerable every time we hand over personal information.

Today's solutions allow for neither secure access to your data nor a convenient way to keep track of your data transmission. Moreover, centralized data warehouses become targets of numerous attacks, and as experience shows these repositories are not secure. It is enough to hack just one database with the lowest security barrier to illegally gain access to user data. Losing control over your data becomes a barrier to exercising your rights. Current forms of identification are still not available to 1.1 billion people around the world. Despite the above-mentioned risks, 1/7 of the world population is completely deprived of the right to own their identity. Lack of opportunities to obtain identity documents deprives a person of the right to vote in elections and own property, connect to a financial system, get education, work, etc. These figures are evidence that the current situation serves the private commercial interest rather than fostering integrity and harmonious development of an individual and the society. Developing a healthy contemporary society is impossible without a foundation, which is based on an individual's control over their identity and data. In the search for such a solution we have identified a few factors that must be taken into account.

Our vision

Personal data is a key element of an individual’s interaction with the outside world (state, public, commercial, financial and educational institutions). An adequate personal data management solution should comprehensively cover these areas and have the flexibility to scale. Based on this approach, we developed a concept of a platform with a human being at the center. Logically, user interaction with the other participants should provide the functionality to store reliable personal data and to present this data to external market participants. In doing so, a user should have full control over their data and an opportunity to manage access. To ensure personal data security and user rights the following key priorities were defined: user data security and decentralization. Having defined the concept and key priorities, we commenced developing the platform.